13 avril 2019



Hey you ! You don't know Australia yet ?

Thanks to our blog, we are going to make you travel,

to make you discover this country and we hope to make you want to go !


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The city of Alice Springs

Let's start !                                                          Afficher l’image source 


Two days ago, we have discovered the city of Alice Springs. This city is located in the northern territory of Australia, in the outback at the heart of land in the desert. It is halfway between Adelaïde and Darwin.This city was born in 1870s as a supply station for the overland telegraph that linked australia to the rest of the world.

Alice Springs is an isolated city but with a population of nearly 30 000, it's the second most 

populated city in the northern territory. Tribes of Aboriginal people still live there, it's amazing !












Résultat d’images pour image alice springRésultat d’images pour image alice springRésultat d’images pour image aborigène australieRésultat d’images pour image aborigène australie

We have met some one, we have spoken with them, we have exchanged on their way of life, on their customs, it was so interesting ! They have been very warm. Il was really a great moment for us. We have also visited several galleries in the city center on aboriginal Art, it was very interesting.












































































By coming here, we have discovered an almost lunar arid landscape.

The climateis very arid and desert, the sun shines all year round even in winter !



We have really enjoyed this city, don't hesitate to visit it !

Résultat d’images pour image alice springRésultat d’images pour image alice springRésultat d’images pour image alice spring










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The tasmanian devil


The typical howl of the Tasmanian devilRésultat d’image pour diable de tasmanie


Also, we have gone for a walk on the island of Tasmania and our aim was to meet a tasmanian devil, it is a kind of marsupials living only on the island. Fearful nature, it is not easy to see in its natural environnement. But we have been very lucky because we have seen it ! 

As its name suggests, tasmanian devil lives exclusively in the Tasmanian forest. Whole species has been completely decimated by the arrivals of dingos. The dingos more commonly known as "wild dog" is australia's largest land predator. Only Tasmanian population , separated by the sea, managet to escape this fearsome predator.

It is caracterized by its black fur, by the strong smell it emits when it is anxious. Alsa, with his strong and disturbing howl to freeze you blood. It looks like a small animal between a dog and a white-spotted rodent at chest level.

It's an endangered species. In fact, a catastrophic disease discovered in the middle of 1990's has killed thousands of tasmanian devils. Researchers keep populations in captivity where the disease has not apparead yet. They have established breeding programs to ensure the survival of the species.

We have been very happy to see tasmanian devil, we have been in this island for one day and we we have had this incredible chance to see it while some island 's residents still haven’t seen it !

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The Baseball


                       Résultat de recherche d'images pour "baseball"          Résultat d’images pour baseball en australie               Résultat d’images pour baseball en australie         Résultat d’images pour baseball en australieRésultat d’images pour baseball en australie


If you like sport welcome in Australia ! Indeed, Australia is a sportive nation. Sport is practised from an early age, so there is no shortage of sporting activities : football Australia (foody), rugby, cricket, surf, netball, boulingrin, natation... and also the baseball. We have not yet had time to test this sport but we hope that before ourend of stay we will have tested it. Baseball is a collective sport derived from the best roots of cricket. This sport is played with bats to hit a ball and gloves to catch the ball. It is played with two teams alternating in defense and attack. We have met the famous Australian player who is a right-handed pitcher of the Major Baseball League, he was very friendly with us and we even had an autograph !

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        Résultat d’images pour image crocodile dundeeRésultat d’images pour image crocodile dundeeThe actor Paul HoganRésultat d’image pour paul hogan


While wandering in the capital Canberra, we have met Paul Hogan, you know him ?  He was the main character of "Crocodile Dundee", we are sure, you remember him ! 

Paul Hogan was born in Lightning Ride, a small outback town in north western new South Wales in Australia. He moved to Granville in western Sydney at a young age and worked as a rigger on the Sydney Harbour Bridge. He is an australian comedian, actor and television presenter. He became famous thanks to the film of which he was the main actor but also the co-writer and co-director. There have been three films : Crocodile Dunde 1, Crocodile Dundee 2 and Crocodile dundee 3.

He was nominated for the Academy Award for best original screenplay and won in 1986 the Golden Award for best actor for his performance as outback adventurer Michael "Crocodile Dundee" in the film "Crocodile Dundee". In 2016, Paul Hogan has received the longford Lyell Award, the highest honour of the Australian Academy of Cinema and TV Arts. 

We were able to ask him some questions :

Have you always wanted to be an actor?

  •  No, at first I just wanted to be a screenwriter, I wasn’t attracted to acting.


Then why did you become an actor?

  • I was offered an essay and I liked it very much. I took acting lessons and became the main character in the film !


Did you enjoy this role ?

  • Oh yes, enormously that is why I made 3 !


Even today they call you crocodile dundee when people see you?

  • yes and i love it ! This character has been so important in my life that it sticks to my skin and for people I will always be "Crocodile Dundee" until my death.


And a film "Crocodile Dundee 4" , that could be possible ?

  • Oh no, no, no i am too old, make way for long people !




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The story of an experience in Australia


Now we are going to share with you an important moment lived in this country : three days of trek

During our trip to Australia we have went to visit a large nature reserve in National Parc of Kakadu, (moreover, this park is the location of the movie Crocodile Dundee) it was so amazing to meet several animals typical of australia.

Australia’s wildlife is made up of a wide variety of animals : Kangaroo, koala, wallaby, tasmanian devil, platypus... many birds, many insects, many reptiles. Thanks to an animal trainer we were able to observe very closely this fauna and we had the great chance to caress a kangaroo and his baby in his pocket. This kangaroo followed us throughout the visit, he was too cute. This visit was really memorable. We have learned a lot about the animals of Australia. We have taken pretty pictures.

Résultat d’images pour ornithorynqueRésultat d’images pour koalaRésultat d’images pour kangourou et son bébé









The next day, we have took a tourist bus to visit the outback, the great Australian desert that stretches across 1 371 000 km2. During this walk we have observed Indians on the edge of a cliff practicing their rituals around the fire, it was amazing ! A great moment for you ! We also saw the same animals as the day before but this time the animals were free.






Résultat d’images pour indiens et feuRésultat d’images pour indiens avec du feuRésultat d’images pour indiens avec du feu








On the last day of our trek we have gone to visit the capital of Australia. We have discovered embassies quarters, the museum of Australian Democracy, the Australian War Memorial, the national gallery of Australia. There are so many things to see in this city.  

This trek was the most experience we have had during this trip !

After one last little visit to the city center we have gone to the airport towards Paris. The holidays are over... 

Résultat d’images pour petit smiley tristeRésultat d’images pour canberra australie






Résultat d’images pour canberra australieRésultat d’images pour canberra australie


We hope to have given you the desire to come and to discover this beautiful country, here are several websites to help you plan your trip :



Good discovery and good future travel !Résultat d’images pour smiley clin d'oeil


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